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Saturday 28th May 2022
10.00 - 12 noon

Floral Hoop Embroidery

In your kit you will be provided with preprinted cotton calico, threads, needle and hoop. The piece can be finished using 4-5 different stitches and you will be taught how to do these as well as having a pictorial instruction sheet to take away with you to help you complete the work after the workshop. The finished piece can be displayed in a frame or in the hoop provided.


Monday 21st August 2020

Embroidered Hoop Art

Begin with a back stitch outline of your chosen animal and then fill in with a range of embroidery stitches. A fun sampler which would look great in any little girls room. Great for those who want to learn some new embroidery stitches. Elephant and polar bear also available and we are continually adding to the range.


Friday 28th August 2020

Decorated Tote Bag

Using fabric paints and stencils to decorate a cotton tote bag. Other embellishments such as buttons and sequins can then be added


Friday 5 October 2018


Applique and Embroidery II

Building on the starter project, this workshop incorporates further embroidery stitches as well as the use of Angelina fibres.


Tuesday 17 July 2018


Applique and Embroidery starter project

Basic applique and embroidery stitches. Suitable for beginners.


Friday 10th Jan 2020

Hoop Art

Combine a little embroidery with felt applique to personalise a little room hanging.

Includes Frame

Sat 3rd March 2018

Creative Embroidery 2 - seascape

Hand dyed silk and organzas twisted and stitched with fibres and beads added to make a little seascape. Hand stitching. Making fabric beads will also be demonstrated.


Sat 24th February 2018

Creative Embroidery 1 - Daisy or Country Cottage Garden Embroidery

Create a small landscape picture using hand and machine embroidery (optional). Participants need to bring their sewing machine with them if they wish to incorporate machine stitching.


Sat 28 May 2016

Creative Embroidery 3 - Paper Stitching


Friday 9 September 2016
Saturday 10 September

Organzas and embroidery

Simple stitching over organza creates a bold effect. This workshop will start you on the way to create a beautiful floral piece which combines layered organzas with embroidery. If you can only attend one day, the cost will be £18 and will give you the guidance required to complete the piece at home.


Thursday 20th February 2020

10am - 12noon

White on white Embroidery

The piece is completed using just 3 stitches – split and chain stitch and French knots. A good starter project for any of you contemplating traditional embroidery. 


12th Feb 2022

Hand Embroidery

Learn a selection of stitches such as French knots, bullion knots and fly stitch to create this mini embroidery which is 6 x 9 cm. Snippets of organza or a watercolour wash will be initially created to provide a background to your piece.

Via Zoom

28th May 2021
7pm Via Zoom

Cross Stitch

A traditional form of embroidery using just one stitch which can be used to personalise items or decorate household items. This workshop will teach you the basic technique and then a number of patterns will be provided for you to start your individual piece. Numerous samples will be on display to inspire you.


Sat 28 Nov 2015

Creative Embroidery 4 – Tyvek/angelina

Use hand painted ground fabric, natural wool, angelina fibres and tyvek to complete a stunning piece embellished with beads. See pics on blog post dated 21 September 2013


Fri 7th Apri 2017l

Chicken Scratch Embroidery 

Worked on gingham, the overall effect is simple rather than fussy. It would lend itself equally to country kitchen or minimalist trendy. During the workshop you will learn the various foundation and winding stitches that make up Chicken Scratch. You can either make a border on a traycloth or a scented heart hanging



Saturday 8th April 2017


Ribbon embroidery


Monday 18 and 25 April 2016


Fabric Book Covers

This is a two week project. The first week will involve measuring the book/photo album to be covered and cutting the base fabric. Some surface decoration will be undertaken. The second week will mainly cover the different surface fabric decoration with the addition of beads, sequins and couched threads. Machine stitching to finish the cover will be required and you are welcome to bring your sewing machine to the second class. A one week version of this project can be undertaken under the handmade home and gifts workshop where limited embellishment is undertaken and fusible bonding is used instead of machine stitching.


Fri 25 Sept 2015

Traditional Embroidery Sampler


Friday 28 August


Net Embroidery

Suitable for those with a little embroidery experience. All materials including nets, threads and written and pictorial instructions provided. The pictures are made by building up layers of coloured nets which are then hand stitched using a variety of stitches including running , straight,  herringbone, seeding, fern, split, feather and buttonhole stitch. Finished picture is approximately 6” x 8”.  You will be able to choose between Poppy Fields or Autumn Beeches.



Family Heirloom cushion or picture


Fri 23 March 2018


Brooch Making 
Use a variety of techniques and materials including zips, felt, wire and chiffon to create a brooches for a special gift or for yourself to enhance an outfit


Tues 20 February 2018



Introduction to Silk painting

A course for the complete beginner using iron fix paints. The class will cover basic techniques including the use of gutta and a range of textural effects. You will go home with a range of small sample pieces which can be framed or used in cards.