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Christmas Crafts Workshops




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Mon 18 July 2016


Christmas in July. Make co-ordinated cards, tags and gift bags for the festive season


Tues 4 July 2017


Christmas Batch Card Making

Make 6 cards and take away materials to make 6 more similar cards


Sat 3 Dec 2016

2.30 - 4.30pm

Christmas Eve Box

Hugely popular. Decorate a personalised box for your little one or grandkids and fill with magic reindeer food, snowman soup, reindeer noses, santa letter etc in anticipation of the night before Christmas. The box will be large enough for you to add other items such as a Christmas DVD or small toy if you so wish. A box that can be used year after year to add to the magic of Christmas.

Choose between making a Christmas Eve Box or a Christmas Memory Box.


Sat 22 Oct 2016


Christmas Planner and Memory Album

Wouldn't it be great to have an album ready to go for the holidays? This album will be the perfect place to save photos, stories, and memorabilia from this year's Christmas season. The rings allow it to be expanded with even more pages after class. Keep this fun album for yourself, or give it to someone special as a keepsake for the Christmas season. Preserve your holiday memories in this contemporary album where you’ll use envelopes, tags, pockets and more to create your pages. You’ll add loads of ribbon, buttons, and sparkle to your flip pages for that modern look.


Sat 21November 2015


Homemade Christmas

A mix of co-ordinating cards, money wallets, gift wrap, tags and festive decorations is crammed into this workshop. Lots of samples available for inspiration.


Fri 9 Dec 2016 

7.30 - 9.30 pm

Natural Christmas Swag

Use a range of natural plant materials to make a beautiful Christmas swag



Mon 11 January 2016


Recycled Christmas


Sat 5 December 2015


Make Your own Christmas Crackers

Have you ever been disappointed by the contents of the crackers you have at the dinner table over the Christmas period? Of course you have! Who needs another tiny plastic jumping frog or a miniature set of bowling pins? We have the antidote – make your own.

Three sizes of Christmas cracker will be made at this workshop with templates and kits provided if you want to make more of any particular size. The largest cracker will be complete with snap, party hat and joke, ready for your special gift.


Tues 6 Dec 2016


Natural Christmas Crafts

Using wood, fabric, pinecones and dried plant material to create natural Christmas decorations which will last year after year. Lots of samples on display to provide inspiration for your bespoke pieces.



Wed 14 Dec 2016


Christmas Gift Bags

Make gift bags from wrapping paper and envelopes. Use the scoreboard to create bags of a particular dimension and also decorate a pre-made bag for a special gift.